Definition: Viral marketing; creating buzz, acquiring new customers and driving sales through unique and creative business tactics (e.g. free Redishades!).

In the internet age, your reputation is more important than ever. If you are a real estate broker or a moving company, you already know that more than 50% of new customers come from word of mouth recommendations; although, most businesses don’t focus on this reality. Don’t fret though, it’s not as difficult as you think… here’s a simple way to dominate:

Assuming you have studied for a test at least once in your life, you know that you retain material studied at the beginning and end better than the stuff in the middle. This same principle holds true in business transactions. For example; new college students, new renters and new homeowners all have one thing in common, the headache of moving. Giving them a half-dozen readyshades is a sure-fire way to make a great impression at a super low cost. Don’t feel like you need to provide them window treatments for every single room of the house, usually giving enough to cover the bedroom and/or bathroom windows is enough to get a huge thank you (and some great future referrals).

This strategy can be applied to any business and ReadyShades may not be the right product for your niche. If you’re looking for an affordable product that solves a common problem, then is a great place to start your search. There are tons of choices and if you purchase something from this link, you’ll help support the continued development of this website. Good luck in business and in life!
Bonus Tip: For maximum effect, don’t advertise this benefit to your potential customers, in fact, don’t say anything about it at all. By waiting until the last possible moment, the element of surprise will remind your customer just how helpful you’ve been. Exceeding expectations is one of the best strategies for making a positive impression.

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