• Hangs and removes in seconds
  • No nails,screws or brackets, simply peel and stick
  • Fits any size window
  • Cordless shade is safe for children and pets
  • 36-by-72-Inch

Product Description36″ x 72″, White, Non Woven Fabric Instant Pleated Window Shade, Peel & Stick, Provides Instant Privacy & Style On Your Windows Without Tools Or Brackets, Durable Butcher Paper Construction Provides A Neat Clean Fashionable Apperance In Seconds, Just Trim The Shade To The Width Of The Window With A Razor Knife, Peel Of The Backing & Stick To Window Frame Or Window Glass Itself, Post-It Notes For Windows Mounting Technique Uses A High Quality Adhesive That Can Be Re-. . . More >>

Redi Shade 3102496 36-by-72-Inch Fabric Window Shade, White

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  1. Have the Accordion Cellular Redishade ; have them installed on windows, 28″ 32″ and 35″ wide. They are made of Plastic PVC frames NOT aluminum and the fabric is opaque. You cannot see through the fabric when it is hung but sun light will filter through.

    Have had the shades hung for 6 months now & have noticed Sagging in the center are from the 35″ ones. It appears there is NOT enough support in the frame to span this distance. Have inquired to Redishade company to see if they make another piece or support to hold up my shade. The appears not to have made such an accessory. They are sending me and additional bracket which is also made of plastic. Don’t they do any quality checks for longevity? Levelor and Graber make a metal support for shades when you have an outside mount like ours is and your shades are wider than 32″ I may try to use support if I can find one on Ebay.

    Other then that I liked the price going in & they were easy to adjust. Just make sure your windows aren’t wider then 32″ other wise you may get this sag. . . just my humble experience. . .
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. These shades look very cheap and are a pain to use (you have to clamp the bottom with weak plastic clips for them to stay in place). I’d sooner purchase the paper ones if I was going to buy temporary shades.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. I have 2 dormer type windows in the unfinished portion of our attic that are on the front of the house. Without some sort of window dressing the roof joists, etc. can easily be seen from the ground and looks bad. We tried using old drapes, but that looked over done and inappropriate, so when I saw these type of blinds, I thought I would give them a try. They look soooo much better than I thought, giving the attic windows a simple finished look inside and out. We used small screws to help keep the taped top in place because the attic gets super hot. We live in the South where it is hot for long periods, so I am hoping the blinds stay up with the added attachments. I also appreciate having the light filter in because I store things in that part of the attic and need to see up there. Overall it was a relatively inexpensive solution to our problem windows.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. My husband and I just moved into a hew house and I ordered a set of six blinds in order to ensure our privacy.

    The blinds are great! They are easy to use, fairly easy to cut (I actually used my bread knife to do it)and they fit very well in the windows. Everyone who has seen them has commented that they look just like regular blinds.

    ** The only care I would suggest is when peeling off the cover to the sticky part – make sure you do not also peel off the glue with the plastic. I did that one time and almost ripped the blind apart. You have to peel carefully to make sure none of the glue is attached. Once it’s clear, then it’s very easy. Otherwise you run the risk of tearing the blind and/or not being able to actually use it.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I went to buy some temporary blinds and found that they no longer had the ones that had a cord in the middle to pull up and down; these were absolutely great. Now they have the ones that require some cheap looking clips to use when you want to pull them partially up. These are not user-friendly, in my opinion, and they look really awful. The clips are sure to get lost/misplaced when not in use and do not understand WHY they switched to this type. I hope they bring back the original ones which were so much more easier to use.

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